Have you ever wondered why your business works best when you are working with people who are on the same page as you?

How many times have you used a creative agency that looked good when pitching but were always just wide of the mark when it came to understanding your business?

Have you ever really found the ideal creative partners that fitted your needs, like that favourite old jumper, yet challenged your perceptions and pushed the boundaries?

Here at Mouse House we take the time to get to know you better, not just as a company, but also as a group of individuals. Only in understanding who you are, your aspirations and plans for the future can we help you to develop the narrative for the journey.

February 2014

The Mouse House welocme Matt Limb OBE as Associate Ditrector
With many years experience in photgraphy and video work Matt Limb will be bringing his vast knowledge on board to help The Mouse House on its way to more success.

February 2013

Global Resins ask the Mouse House to bring a new product to market. ResMix is a unique product for filling pot holes and repairing road surfaces.

January 2013

The Mouse House rebrands Global Resins and launches their new identity and website.

November 2012

The Mouse House brands and help launch Safety Cope, a unique soft edging for swimming pools.

Call us on 01594 510 924 and we will be only too happy to visit you and give you a free marketing critique.

With combined experience of over thirty years in design and marketing Mouse House staff have seen many 'new' strategies and solutions introduced. Undoubtedly the internet hass been the biggest phenomena of recent years, bigger some say than the invention of the printing press. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of modern technologies and now see email marketing and web technologies as being as big a part of our business as design for print. With dedicated webservers we can offer a complete package for all we based technologies and mail marketing.

We also do a cracking cup of coffee and the kettle is always on and you're always welcome...

We currently work with multinational Blue Chip companies and many local small businesses, all with one common aim. To improve sales and market share. If your business is bringing in sales and is happy, we are happy. We work for a number of our bigger clients as their in house marketing department, it works well for both parties and gives us the benefit of being results driven. We keep a firm eye on costs of marketing assets and also of results of marketing activities.

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We work closely with local printers and have many years experience in design for print and the print industry.

We also have a startegic partnership with 422 South of Bristol for all our broadcast, film and editing work.